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Dawn Dickerson

General Manager & CEO, FRIDA Southwest + the daley

Dawn is a graduate of Oklahoma City University College of Law and leads the management team at FRIDA Southwest. Dawn has been on sports or restaurant teams her entire life and thrives in groups and teams. "Any success I have experienced in life has been due to the cumulative efforts of my teammates. I love my family and friends fiercely. I would like to take this moment to thank my late mother, Esther, for giving me the most precious gift I have ever received, my work ethic."

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Quinn Carroll

Executive Chef, FRIDA Southwest + the daley

Executive Chef Quinn Carroll carries and leads the culinary team at FRIDA Southwest + the daley. Quinn joined FRIDA Southwest pre-opening and is responsible for the daily menu and brunch menus, seasonal changes, and our rotating Chef's Features menu. Quinn's food and work product has received national attention and has been featured in dozens of food magazines and local publications. Quinn's work experience speaks for itself as he has been at the helm of restaurants including Cheever's Cafe, RED Primesteak, Hall's Pizza Kitchen, and more. His passions include making OKC a better place to enjoy, spending time with his wife and dogs, all sorts of history, and medical science.


Jessye Ramsey

Assistant General Manager, FRIDA Southwest + the daley

Jessye boasts extensive experience in the food and beverage industry, and has lead teams in top restaurants across the country. Jessye helps oversee all levels of staff management and training at FRIDA Southwest. Jessye is endlessly optimistic and positive, and a believer in solution-based communication. Due to Jessye's leadership, in 2023, the James Beard Foundation Awards listed FRIDA Southwest + the daley as a top nine semi-finalists in their 'best cocktail program and wine' category. Jessye resides in Oklahoma City and she's excited to welcome you soon!


Luis Campos

Executive Sous Chef, FRIDA Southwest + the daley


Blayke Kyle

Restaurant Manager, FRIDA Southwest + the daley

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Rachel Porter

Pastry Chef, HumanKind Hospitality


Jessie Ting

Restaurant Manager, FRIDA Southwest + the daley

Jessie Ting is a reservation and front of house manager, and is the face of FRIDA Southwest + the daley. She is the first and last person you will see and hear, and most evenings at FRIDA and is responsible for the highly-faceted tetris work of reservations in our high-volume dining room. Hospitality is her first nature.

Growing up in a small landlocked city in east Malaysia, she realized her calling at a young age. Jessie moved to America to pursue an MBA in business, first landing in Missouri, and then Tulsa, Oklahoma. To pay for tuition, she began working in restaurants, starting as a hostess, and working her way up the ranks while earning her degree.

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Shaun Fiaccone

Founder & President, HumanKind Hospitality Services


Kim Dansereau

Owner, Partner & Director of Spirits, HumanKind Hospitality Services

Steak Restaurant in OKC

Ryan Parrott

Partner, HumanKind Hospitality Service & Executive Chef, Picasso Cafe

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Kindt Steven Myers

Partner & Vice President, HumanKind Hospitality Services